Hello, we are TechShaman. We apply technology to your business. We are your IT department, your system administrator, your CIO. We not only solve your problems, we also help you get the most out of your investment, and we help you make decisions to accomodate your growth. We are by your side when you need us, but we look out for you all the time.

We can be your one-stop shop for every computing requirement, or we can fill in the missing roles and work with your current IT specialist. We can provide support for any computing platform, be it mobile, Windows, Mac or Linux. We can help you connect them all – wired or wireless – to the Internet, securely and reliably. We are not resellers, so our products and services recommendations are unbiased.

We hope to gain your trust, but first we must hear from you. We will come by and check out your current computer and network setup, listen to your needs and requirements, identify the goals we can help you achieve and draft up an action plan to do it, all free of charge.

Currently we offer our on-site technical services in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we can work on your systems anywhere that can be reached via the Internet. You can call us at 415.552.6888 or email us at: MoreInfo@techshaman.com.